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1000 MG - Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 1 Oz

1000 MG - Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 1 Oz

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Why Choose the 1000MG (30ml) CBD Oil?

This CBD oil contains extract derived from Hot Blonde hemp flower, Hot Blonde is new to our lineup!  It has top notes of sweet grape and orange rinds. The sticky, dense buds have a beautiful lime-green hue to them and an excellent structure that is seldom seen with CBD-rich cannabis strains. Its lineage comes from Berry Blossom making this an Indica strain. With its ripe and fruity flavors, Hot Blonde is best enjoyed during a relaxing evening with friends and family.  This oil has an organic avocado oil base. Choose from Original flavor or others listed below. Lab test results are viewable on Certificates page by Batch number listed on all product labels.


Take this oil sublingually and hold under tongue for at least 60-90 seconds and then swallow. 


Batch: HB 1000MG 

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